• Posted by Califia Suntree on May 11th, 2006, 10:14 AM

    once i get going with this, i will be posting my farmers market report each week after i go. here in santa monica, the main, downtown farmers market is wednesday & saturdays. in new york city, there’s a market somewhere pretty much every day of the week. they aren’t that great, however. new yorkers are very proud of the union square farmers market, and it’s certainly a nice place to go. however, the SM market blows that one out of the water. we may not be as culturally advanced, stylish, or cosmopolitan as new yorkers–but damned if we westsiders don’t have the best produce in the nation! this week was a spring fantasy–globe artichokes, gorgeous asparagus, fava beans, english peas, strawberries & lilacs like mad. i bought all organic & all way below retail prices. (NYC farmers market produce will set you back as much as a whole foods shopping spree. so lame.) once i get a digital camera, i can post some food porn. for now, take my word for it. my purchases (favas, strawberries, asparagus, tiny shiitakes) will be made into a mama’s day brunch. stay posted for recipes!

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