• Posted by Califia Suntree on May 28th, 2006, 3:23 PM

    did anyone out there read the food issue of the NYT book review? i’m running straight out to buy Saucepans & the Single Girl looks hil-arious. aside from that, i found myself irked, as usual, by the absolutely closed, middle-aged, white, upper-class, repetitive nature of the authors on display. anthony bourdain was a great fringe character–for about 5 minutes. now he’s dating a ‘page six’ gossip columnist and has about 14 TV shows. his in-the-trenches chef crap is all a pose. a lucrative, and sometimes entertaining ruse but…come on. where’s the fresh blood here? do only 5 people in america write cookbooks? you wouldn’t expect to open any other issue of the review and see the same names that you saw in the LAST food-devoted book review, in EVERY food magazine, and EVERY dining section, but it seems somehow acceptable to focus on the beard-reichl-greene-child-bourdain blah blahgroup yet again. (i exempt the sterns because they are so lovable, and because michael started out as a pot farmer, and i applaud the times for including reviews of 2 books about competitive eating…but still.)   perhaps my gripe would be more accurately directed at the publishing houses and big food magazines that make this handful of overfed patriarchs/matriarchs millionaires…it’s time for new voices, food-lit readers of america. these folks can’t be the only ones whose voices (and palates) matter. fortunately, the good ol’ world wide web is breeding a new generation of food writers, it’s just time print media catch up. it’s time for a publishing revolution! knock those overpublished food hounds off their pedestals–if for no other reason than that, if i have to read one more tidbit about ruth reichl, jeremiah tower, or gael greene’s sex lives well, i’m gonna lose my appetit.

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