• Posted by Califia Suntree on June 15th, 2006, 3:58 PM

    so i’ve created a new photo album, optimistically called ‘road trip!’ i’m hoping to have more such driving adventures, more chances to eat at diners thruout the land–my favorite sort of tourism. these inaugural photos are from reb’s cafe, in benson, az, about 40 miles outside of tuscon. my mom and i stop there on our ways to and fro’ new mexico. usually, my mom gets jell-o. this time, she got bread pudding. i had a root beer float, which is one of my favorite desserts, and of course (bad) french fries. there’s not much to be said for reb’s cafe food-wise, except that it’s extremely cheap (our combined excesses came to under 6 bucks) and their fountain items are old-fashioned and satisfying. what they do have are one-of-a-kind waitresses, a counter that hasn’t changed one bit in 50 years (including desert-rats smoking away between sips of coffee), and a wall full of motorcyle pinups mixed with portraits of western-movie stars…i love that they grudgingly inform you that they are required by law to print that rare meats and raw eggs carry risks of illness etcetera (menus have to say this in many states…kind of a buzz-kill, no?), but they couch it in this overtly libertarian language about “big brother watching you.” what rebs.

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