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    so i made brunch for me da on father’s day–full of farmers market scores. main dish was my heart-healthy version of eggs benedict. (we need to help our papas live as long as possible! but really, he’d have been happy with ham and hollondaise. that combo happens to make me barfy.) so: here’s a recipe for smoked salmon benedict for 4:

    4 whole wheat english muffins
    a little butter
    1 package delicious hot-smoked salmon (i used ‘ohlone fish’ salmon ’cause it’s the best & i’m spoilt)
    8 poached eggs
    1/4 cup creme fraiche
    1 minced shallot
    1/2 bunch minced dill
    squeeze of lemon juice

    while the eggs are poaching and the muffins are toasting, stir together the last 4 ingredients with about a tablespoon of water–enough to get a nicely pourable, not-too-thin sauce. smear a little bit of butter on each muffin half, top with a mound of flaked salmon and an egg. pour the non-hollondaise sauce over the top!

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