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    as is par for the course visiting NYC i ate at a lot of restaurants. fancy ones, unfancy ones, here, there, everywhere…here are some notes on a few places, in hindsight:
    *i love little funky diners. they make my world go ’round. so i got my dose at mike’s, right next to the pratt campus. (near where i stayed sometimes, at carrie & heesok’s place.) the counter guys wear those cute paper hats (see photo), and it looks and feels like it hasn’t changed in a half a century. enormous breakfast for around $5. wonderful.
    *during the week, i gorged myself at kofoo, on 8th ave at 27th st in chelsea. i wish i could carry this little place around in my pocket, and eat kimchi and beef and iced green tea whenever i wanted! (see also cute paper hats…)
    *we had marina’s birthday meal at freeman’s alley, where i’ve wanted to go for years…it is a beautiful restaurant, with taxidermy and lovely tables and chairs, good, simple food. and unfortunately rude (or clueless? or high?) waitstaff. they were acting like it was the french laundry or something, from reservation thru service. geez louise! foodwise, i can make better devils on horseback, but the artichoke dip is GOOD. i highly recommend going for drinks and that dip. i had ribs which were decent but…
    *…better bbq was to be had at pies n’ thighs, recently written up in the NYT. the poor dears are sweltering in the back of rockstar bar in wmsburg, but we get to enjoy the fruits of their ultrasweaty labor! pulled pork was spicy and vinegary, and the key lime pie was like fluffy cotton. i got the food to go and marina and i ate on the river, which you can access on north 7th. beat the heat…
    *on the fancier side, i also ate at 5 points (my former workplace), ici, and inoteca. 5 points is just full of sweet people and tasty food. we ate at the bar, had lots of prosecco, and the tastiest salad of teensy weensy multicolored beets. some raw, some cooked. ici made a name for being quite intense about sourcing their food–local, organic, the whole bit. they keep it simple to let their painstakingly sourced ingreds shine through. but, if you are going to be so streamlined, each bit has to be delectable. sadly, it wasn’t. the arugula salad had some slimy, limp leaves; carrot soup lacked flavor (except orange juice–bad call!); lemon verbena tea tasted uncannily like theraflu…my cold cucumber soup was really good but i probably wouldn’t eat there again, though it’s one of the prettiest dining rooms i’ve seen. inoteca has reliably delicious food (antipasti, panini, salads) but we were a largish party so we were put in the ‘wine cellar’ where it’s as loud as a black dice concert. (that being the loudest thing i’ve ever heard.) i mean, truly, you have to yell, and you have rockn’roll ears afterward. this goes rather strangely with upscale wine and little bites of italian delicacies!
    so there’s my 50 cents on eating in NYC.

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