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    each week at the farmers market, there is a table of uber-healthy-looking guys with energy to burn and a missionary glint in their eyes, who flog raw milk. but, it’s more than that. they are like dairy-mad evangelists on a tent-revival tour of the soy-sinning westside…and don’t even get them started on skim. (“it has NO value. NONE. at ALL.”) anyway, i stopped by with my mom to hear their conversion speech. i had an easy response: i’m allergic to milk. “what do you drink then? SOY? it’s a junk food–a processed, chemical-filled, fake food!” they convinced me to try a quart of the raw stuff–start slow, work my way up to a cup a day. they said it would “purge my body of heavy metals.” yikes. but, i’m here today to testify: they spoke the truth. i don’t know about losing lead and aluminum through my pores, but i’m not allergic to raw milk! i’ve replaced soy–which always did seem to me overly processed and sweet–with organic pastures grass fed raw milk. they even sell it in chocolate. hallelujah & amen!

    Note: I spoke too soon. My milky honeymoon was sadly short– my dairy allergy returned and I’m back to soy...

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