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    a follow up! francesc hosted a mushroom-picking expedition…we hiked through pine forests looking for rovellon, or anything edible. (luckily, we found our way out of the woods.) on our way, we noticed cars pulled off the road at various places. the bolet-freaks were out in force, identifiable by their baskets (a requirement, no matter how macho the hunter) and sticks (for poking around in the forest floor). a mini-van spilled out an entire family of hunters, the kids with professional-looking pointed sticks, and the trunk full of perhaps eight big bolet baskets. it was war! alas, a war we would not win: we found a bunch of scary beautiful (likely toxic) bolets, and i found what i think was an enormous, slimy morel. (it brought to mind the window display at the local sex shop.) we ended up with a bag of stinky things (we called it the “bag of death”) and a fierce hunger for mushrooms. (francesc almost certainly found a rovellon; but because it had been in the bag of death, we didn’t eat it.) lucky for us, a nearby town was hosting a bolet festival! we loaded up on rovellon and rossinyols, which we sauteed with garlic and ate on pasta and on beef filets. after crawling through the forest all day, eyes trained on the ground, waiting for the happy cries of “mira! mira! aqui!”, i now understand why those caçadors de bolets jump up and down and scream so much. i watched last night’s episode of caçadors, which featured a competition. the winner’s basket weighed 7 kilos! perhaps road to greatness begins with a single slimy morel.

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