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    First of all, I fear that my attempt at media-insider humor with that cheesecake photo in the last post was perhaps too subtle…It was a reference to this, last week’s NY Times Magazine cover related to a story about the perils of blogging. Luckily, I’ll be sticking to edibles here, no angst.

    Well, actually, there might be some angst. What Michael Pollan termed the “omnivore’s dilemma” is playing out a bit as I prep a bundle of stories with a meat theme. That is, while I come down ultimately on the side of yay-meat (with the usual caveats of moderation and careful sourcing), the nay-meat stance of the vegetarians (and wannabe vegetarians–you know who you are!) who surround me is nonetheless intriguing. I wonder how this report in the NY Times, that plants “have a secret social life,” might change the discussion. The adage “all food is souls” gained some complexity here. If plants recognize kinship, even help protect each other, what other intelligence might they have? Is a scallop really any “smarter” or more sensitive than a territorial Cuscuta pentagona? It’s a slippery slope towards airarianism if you ask me. I say: welcome to the food chain.

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