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    The Enviromental Working Group, a non-profit that investigates toxins in consumer products, recently released a report that DuPont’s supposedly “green” replacement for Teflon is probably no safer than the PFC-rich chemical compound that it’s replacing. The EPA apparently pressured DuPont to stop using a chemical called PFOA by 2015 in Teflon and other non-stick items (which are everywhere–pizza boxes, paper plates, bags containing greasy chips) because they found it to be a carcinogen. DuPont just rolled out a new chemical; however there have been no studies that prove that it’s any less harmful than the original. (Actually, it looks like there’s no data in either direction, better or worse.) If the new chemical also breaks down into PFCs, we’re back where we started. (It may be too late anyway–PFCs apparently stick around for 50,000 years.) What a great excuse for an All-Clad shopping spree!

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