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    As you may have detected, I’m trying to build tension in advance of the Midsummer Meat Madness material I’m about to upload…But it’s also a debate that fascinates me: the intense emotional response that the whole issue of meat consumption tends to evoke. As an example, check out “Vegetarians Live Longer” from TreeHugger, via today’s Huffington Post. Then check out the comments (77 as of right now), which nicely illustrate the range of responses to this issue, from comparing meat-eaters to child rapists to the somewhat simple-headed declaration that it’s all about “survival of the fittest.” The post is about a 21-year German study that followed a group of vegans, vegetarians, and so-called “moderate” vegetarians who eat meat and fish occasionally. The study finds that “vegetarian men reduced their risk of early death by 50%” while “women vegetarians benefit from a 30% reduction in mortality.” That last bit is funny on first read–I mean, no amount of seitan is going to grant anyone immortality. Semantics aside, the study found no statistical difference in lifespan between strict vegans and the so-called “moderate” vegetarians. This last group is key, because they are not in fact vegetarians: they eat meat. So rather than “Vegetarians Live Longer,” which is admittedly catchy, the headline should really be: “People Who Eat A Sensible,Balanced Diet Live Longer.” And, uh, I think we’ve read that before?


  1. December 22nd, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    Here is a good video on the subject: http://meat.org

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