• Posted by Califia Suntree on December 5th, 2008, 10:30 AM

    It was my birthday this week, celebrated in style with recession-proof half-priced burgers and $1 happy-hour oysters at my neighborhood haunt, 68, here in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. My friends know me well, so I got several edible gifties—a Bedford Cheese Shop gift certificate, a Momofuku feast, Jacques Torres chocolate-covered Cheerios, French macarons—and a book called Wet Cats, which is inedible but delightful nonetheless. I also learned that sometimes, blogging pays off. In a previous post, I drooled openly over the blue (make that “Caribbean blue”) Le Creuset that was the local Casserole Cook-Off’s first prize. Well, it turns out my friends actually read this, as they got me the beaut you see here, in mama and baby sizes. My first Le Creusets! I feel like I’ve made it. And I didn’t even have to prove my casserole skills first! Of course, now I will be making them lots of casseroles—starting perhaps with deer chili. (The baby pot will have a single serving of deerless chili, just for you Carrie!)

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