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    Between the massive recall of all things peanut (note that not even Trader Joe’s products and healthy-foody snacks are risk-free!) and the discovery of mercury in high fructose corn syrup it’s not a happy time to be a peanut buttery junk food candy. Indeed, I went through my cupboards and chucked my Hershey’s syrup–which was one of the mercury-laden products researchers examined–as I’d rather get my mercury from tinned tuna, thank you! The salmonella in the peanuts appears to be a byproduct of “self-regulated” industry–the company may have known they were releasing poison peanuts. The mercury though is actually a byproduct of how corn syrup is produced, a chemical-filled process. A non-toxic technique exists, though, and perhaps they will now adopt it. Of course, if mercury keeps consumers away from HFCS (as it’s know in the biz), perhaps it’s best left in….

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