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    I prefer to think of Valentine’s Day as a national holiday devoted to chocolate. Forget the love and romance and blah blah blah, it’s about finding new and exciting ways to consume the hallowed cacao. To wit: Mark Bittman may have whipped up a chocolate souffle on the Today show this morning, but the best thing in the New York Times today (good news, for a change) is this recipe for rich dairy-free hot chocolate. I don’t know why I never thought to use coconut milk—soy milk makes nasty cocoa—kudos to Melissa Clark! Next up, the Los Angeles Times. Their story on Nutella seems at first like an odd exercise in the obvious (“The Italian chocolate and hazelnut spread has its devoted fans.”), but if you stick with it, author Amy Scattergood describes how to make your own Nutella! I’m sure it’s not cheaper than the real thing, but she says her version is less sweet and without that “vague aftertaste.” I’ll try it, next time I find hazelnut oil on sale. Meanwhile, the Boston Globe trots out its favorite Valentine bonbons. (Note: If anyone out there is trying to win my heart, start with Roni-Sue’s bacon buttercrunch.) Last but not least, I wrote up a cocoacentric meal for Tango magazine some time ago—but some things, namely chocolate, never get old.

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