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    Facebook is good for a few things–it really is interesting to see what long-ago friends are up to (for the most part making babies, it would appear…) and to spy on people generally. I even have a “group” for Spooning, if any of you haven’t joined yet. Most recently, I was sent a link to some amazing photos–someone posted images from the fascinating book Hungry Planet, by Peter Menzel. These images are of families around the world with a week’s worth of food–from a meager collection of legumes and rice in Chad to a mountain of sausages and sweets in Germany. (And, of course, pizza, soda, and boxes of cereal in the U.S.) The photos are also in a touring exhibit (schedule here), but if you have a Facebook account, I recommend checking them out. The first world/third world contrast is of course stark–but I was mainly struck by one simple difference: we in the first world eat absolutely everything out of tiny little packages.

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