• Posted by Califia Suntree on March 17th, 2010, 9:17 AM

    A follow up to my post about The Cove controversy, and dolphin-eating: After a Hollywood-ready sting operation involving marine activists and Cove producers in town for the Oscars, the Feds have charged The Hump (a schmancy sushi restaurant at the Santa Monica airport) and its sushi chef with illegally serving endangered Sei whale meat. Surprisingly, it’s only a misdemeanor to serve endangered species, but it does carry a $200,000 fine and the city’s considering citizen requests to terminate their lease. They’ve admitted to the crime and, given that the chef, Kiyoshiro Yamamoto, reportedly retrieved the plastic-wrapped whale bits from his Mercedes parked out back–they probably knew they were up to no good. One of the sadder details of this story is that, for the sting, the activists went twice for $600 omakase extravaganzas…and they’re vegans!

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