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    On June 30, a slew of government agents representing (among others) the FBI, FDA, and DA’s office, plus a dozen LAPD officers with guns drawn raided the Rawesome food co-op, or “club” as they call it, presumably to avoid the legal headaches surrounding the sale of raw dairy products. It didn’t work, and our tax dollars are now being tapped to stop these microbe-lovers.

    Rawesome, located in Venice, Calif., is a favorite among raw foodists but also folks interested in locally grown products and ultrafresh ingredients. I have enjoyed many a pristine shrimp and juicy local chicken courtesy of Rawesome–and was  considering joining, which is in fact how I came across the news about the raid. It was not covered in the LA Times … (Can you imagine if the Park Slope co-op was raided by armed NYPD and federal agents? A little ink would be spilled, no doubt.)

    The raid was prompted by Rawesome’s sale of raw dairy and honey, which the agents carted off the premises en masse. “Drop the honey comb and whipping cream and put your hands up!” Cripes.

    Rawesome promptly reopened, in defiance of the order to close. Raw food revolution, indeed.

    via DailyFinance.

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