• Posted by Califia Suntree on December 9th, 2010, 3:25 PM

    I know it’s not “artisanally correct” of me, but I love instant oatmeal. I prefer the texture to quick oats, and while I love Irish steel-cut oatmeal, I don’t have time to wait 45 minutes for a hot breakfast. With instant, you just dump in your boiling water, add some trail mix or granola for texture, and there you go. However, it pains me to buy it — all that wasteful packaging (you can only buy it in those stupid single-serve packets for some reason) and the price is fully three times or more the price of bulk oats. Unless you make your own, of course.

    Store-bought instant oatmeal has usually been par-cooked, like instant rice, but mostly it’s just ground up, so the oats soak up water quicker. (It’s also often saturated with sugar and treated with things like guar gum and preservatives.) To make your own, simply get some regular quick oats, dump them in your food processor, and pulse until the oats look like instant oatmeal. Then add whatever flavorings you like; my favorite combo is cinnamon, turbinado sugar, and raisins. Ginger and cranberry is also nice. Keep the mixture in an air-tight jar, and you have instant oatmeal at the ready!

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