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    I’m not sure why, but April is National Grilled Cheese Month. I would, I think, find this a tad offensive if I wasn’t so excited to have an excuse to eat melted cheese on bread all month…for research, of course! Each week in April, I will be posting a new tip for how to dress up your grilled cheese.

    This week: white cheddar with green apple sauerkraut.

    I’m a big fan of Farmhouse Culture‘s ultra-tart raw organic kraut. It’s made in Northern California from locally sourced ingredients, and will make your mouth pucker and your body sweat, but in a good way. Their Apple Fennel kraut is the perfect accompaniment to grilled white cheddar on multigrain or, better yet, rye bread. Try it with a little Russian dressing (mayo, ketchup, sweet relish and horseradish) for a vegetarian Reuben.

    Farmhouse Culture’s full line of sauerkrauts can be purchased online at Foodzie, but you can also use regular high-quality kraut mixed with very thin slices of green apples. And remember, always grill your cheese in a heavy, well-greased skillet. Olive oil works remarkably well, but if you’re gonna eat all that cheese, why not just go for butter?


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