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    Lightweight as it is, matzo is freighted with significance—it symbolizes the flight of the ancient Israelites from slavery in Egypt, and the resourcefulness of the ancient Israelite women in the face of deprivation. But, as Tel-Aviv based food writer Phyllis Glazer explains in her article in this week’s LA Times, it is also the core of Passover cuisine, since all leavened foods are prohibited during the holiday. But matzo is not the world’s tastiest food, meaningful as it is; Glazer’s ingenious modern-meets-ancient solution to this flavor quandry is nuts. Literally nuts, not meshuggenah nuts. Her seder recipes include roasted asparagus with hazelnuts and currents, walnut-stuffed eggplant rolls, and a chocolate-pecan fudge cake.

    I’ve had the great fortune over the past decade or so to celebrate Passover with Miriyam Glazer—Phyllis’ sister and co-author of the excellent cookbook The Essential Book of Jewish Festival Cooking. This year, I’m hoping, the seder is going to be nuttier than usual.

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