• Posted by Califia Suntree on May 24th, 2011, 10:27 AM

    If, as the hot weather descends, you find yourself mourning spring and humming Scot Walker’s Copenhagen, thinking about “snowdrops falling through the night,” you’re in for some good news if you live in L.A. Two expat Danes have opened up shop in the city, and are offering authentic Danish ice cream at Paradis in Los Feliz and Montrose, and baked goods at Hygge Bakery, in Downtown. Paradis offers traditional gelato-esque Danish is (pronounced “ice”), which is a tad sweeter and creamier than the Italian variety, in flavors like roasted pistachio (thumbs up!) and marzipan, and with toppings like the marshmallowish flødebolle. For cooler days, head to Hygge Bakery for a strong coffee and one of their excellent small cakes. According to my Danish friend, hygge translates very roughly to “coziness,” and is a key aspect of Danish culture. It would seem that marzipan is also key, and the best of the desserts at Hygge are encased in it. At last, Scandinavian treats without a trip to the Ikea cafeteria!

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