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    Friend of Spooning Anissa Helou will be hosting a series of “supper club” dinners at her fabulous London loft to coincide with the city’s Shubbak festival, celebrating contemporary Arab art and culture. The dinners will include Musar wine from Lebanon, and will feature the cuisines of Syria and Lebanon on July 5, the United Arab Emirates on July 11, and Morocco on July 19. The menus of all three dinners read like a rose-scented love letter from a fantasy mideast “of yore,” one not at all chaotic with revolution or bans on women driving: tabbouleh and maqaneq sausages, quail tagine and broad beans, roast leg of lamb and saffron milk pudding … (Anissa is also promising a “plump belly dancer” if she can find one in time!)

    When: July 5, 11 and 19, 2011
    8:30 pm

    Where: Anissa’s gorgeous loft in Shoreditch, London

    The dinners are each £125 per person, with a maximum of 10 diners. To reserve a spot,  send your request to ah@anissas.com. Shubbak events are all over London from July 4 to 24, 2011.

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