• Posted by Califia Suntree on July 15th, 2011, 10:56 AM

    There is one day left to support this very worthy urban-agriculture film project on Kickstarter! Documentary filmmaker Karney Hatch has been traveling the United States and the world — Peru and China so far, with Vietnam, Uganda, Cuba, Japan, Ghana, and Ecuador still to come — interviewing and filming urban farmers and food policy experts. We’ve all heard of eating local, but urbanites have more capacity to take food production into their own hands than they may realize. City dwellers in these various countries serve as a model and an inspiration for Americans, who are lagging behind in this crucial area of our agricultural future. Donors at various levels get goodies ranging from copies of the DVD, seeds, and books all the way up to 50 square feet of raised beds in your yard, complete with three months of caretaking. Give now, and get growing.

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