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    Here is Max Read’s astute, and brilliantly funny, summary of this week’s Batali vs. Bankers (bear vs. sharks? Or are they both bears?) clash, in which the “be-Croc’d chef”

    indelicately compared “the entire banking industry” to “Stalin or Hitler and the evil guys” at a Time panel on Tuesday. A poor choice of metaphor, for sure—especially when you consider that bankers make up a significant portion of the customer base at Batali’s high-end New York restaurants. Even more so when you consider what crybabies bankers are.

    He goes on to outline the splendidly absurd call for a Wall Street-wide ban of Batali eateries. But it’s the point Read raises there about Batali’s restaurant denizens that interests me: OWS has been getting support from all angles, sometimes vaguely uncomfortable angles (the Los Angeles Chief of Police to Kanye “Diamond Teeth” West) which is great…But as Read notes, Batali’s name-calling does smack a bit of biting the hand that feeds you. (Dough for dough!) It’s worth considering the moral lines between those who benefit  from ill-gotten gains from those who generate the ill-gotten gains. And not just Batali; we are all participants in the U.S. economy, and therefore our choices are to some degree complicit in its current state. Fortunately, that means we can all do something about it. Hopefully that something goes above and beyond playing the tired fascist-dictators card, and involves switching your ATM card to a credit union.

    via Crybaby Bankers Boycott Mario Batali After He Calls Them Hitlers.

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