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    I don’t make New Year Resolutions per se–but I do think about aims for the year. A resolution is just so…resolute. And who knows what the year will bring? No use starting it out from a position of rigidity. When it comes to food, I think we should all focus on things that we intend to do more of, rather than whatever we believe we ought to do less of. So instead of “I will give up cookies,” try “I will eat more cruciferous vegetables…before I eat cookies.” Or, “I will eat more falafels…so I won’t have room for as many hamburgers.” Weight loss experts (somewhere, I’m sure) agree that this is a great approach!

    My own Culinary Goals for 2012 include:
    1) Eat at as many of Jonathan Gold’s 99 Essential L.A. Restaurants as I can. I only have 86 to go! I’m hatching a plan, inspired by this brilliant epicurean. Apparently all I need is a Match.com account, a minidress and a manicure…Melisse, table for two!

    2) Finally attend the Donut Summit, held annually in Elysian Park. (Although Babycakes was crowned the 2011 “Donut King,”  which makes me highly skeptical of their judgement.) Related: Drive to Glendora to taste the vaunted Donut Man peach donut and temptingly named Tiger Tail.

    3) Learn to enjoy anchovies and sardines. Related: Completely stop eating shrimp unless they are spot prawns from California or Canada. This may require me to start a Kickstarter campaign…

    4) Explore chrono-nutrition. I’m not trying to lose weight, but when I read a story in the New York Times about the latest French diet fad, which involves dark chocolate, wine, cheese and spice rubs (for your haunches, not a cow’s), it sounded like a trend I could get behind! Turns out a stay at the  the Beau-Rivage for proper “nutritional counseling” would require me to sell my car, or my (surely weak from lack of chocolate) plasma, so I’m just winging it. The idea is to eat a huge, delicious, fat-laden breakfast and then gradually taper off over the day until you are forced to dine on nothing but rabbit loin and a vegetable side…Hélas! Also, no sugar, no white wine, and no soup. Obviously, I’m ignoring those parts. Great diet!

    5) Come summer, can everything in sight. I ran out of elephant heart plum jam in December and now have to somehow make it through the next seven months without it. In 2012, I will can like it’s the zombie apocalypse!

    As you may have noted, 3/5 of my culinary goals involve spending large amounts of money that I don’t have. So maybe I should really just have the one resolution: Get a job.

    What are your culinary goals for 2012? Share them below!

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