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    In case you missed the broadcast a couple weeks ago, NPR’s Fresh Air featured a Q&A with Jack Bishop and Bridget Lancaster from the eccentric and invaluable culinary laboratory over at America’s Test Kitchen. Chris Kimball and his ATK crew provide an excellent service, acting as the Consumer Reports for the home cook, providing everything from “no-fail” recipes tested to an almost absurd degree to the #1 cheese grater in all the land. For serious food nerds, it’s riveting stuff. (As it started its second season, I was lucky enough to visit the fantasia that is the America’s Test Kitchen lab in Brookline, Mass. for an article I was writing. I’ll never forget the gleaming acres of Le Creuset, Pyrex and All-Clad…or my envy.) Bishop and Lancaster offer some tempting hot-weather recipes–including an intriguing cucumber-avocado soup–and a couple clever tips for the thrifty among us: use stale bread to make a fruit “gratin,” and store your tomatoes stem side down (on the counter, of course) to add three or four days to their lifespan.

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