• Posted by Califia Suntree on July 24th, 2013, 4:49 PM

    Creative Mornings is a global, monthly breakfast-hour lecture series, with a new theme each month and with each city offering a different speaker expounding on the theme. (This month’s theme is space–as in “personal space, airspace, public space, outer space, cyberspace, and the space bar,” among other angles.) Last month’s theme was food, and I was lucky enough to check out the Portland lecture, by the Portland Meat Collective‘s Camas Davis. She explained how she got where she is today: teaching the public how to slaughter, butcher, and understand meat and its sources, and serving as a bit of a lightning rod in the process. The hate mail and vegan vitriol is rather misplaced—she said she is “basically a vegetarian at this point,” because she will only eat meat from the very few local farms whose practices pass the Meat Collective’s strict animal-welfare rules. I’m not exactly sure what Davis wanted the takeaway to be—she’s a bit of an enigmatic figure—all I know is, I’ve been eating a lot less meat, and I’m saving up to take a butchery course. Go here for highlights of the Creative Mornings food events and here for lecture videos.

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