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    When life gives you 43 bottles of random liquor…[fill in the blank]. Please, brilliant mixologists, help us fill in the blank! My dear housemate inherited four file boxes full of booze—mostly fun-trashy liqueurs, and the biggest bottle of Bailey’s I’ve ever seen—when friends of her parents’ moved and emptied their home bar. We are left wondering what to do with the abundance of things we would probably, left to our own devices, never purchase (full itemization below). Ideas so far include: a hot chocolate party, a tiki party, a…sorority party? (It appears we have all the fixings for a Purple Nurple.)

    Here’s what we got. For the wine, yes, we’ll just drink it, and hope time has been kind. For the rest, I turn to you. Leave your ideas (and recipes?) in the comments!

    5 x pinot grigio
    1 x chardonnay
    3 x brut de noir (Argyle 1999, Robert Hunter 1993, Chandon NV)
    1 x port (Wofford Acres, 2003)
    1 x Hakusan sweet sake
    1 x Cointreau
    3 x triple sec
    1 x sweet vermouth
    1 x cream sherry (1.5 liters!)
    1 x laurino (bay leaf liqueur from Italy)
    1 x nocino (black walnut liqueur from Italy)
    1 x Jim Beam Red Stag
    1 x Jack Daniel’s
    1 x St. Lucia spiced rum
    1 x Licor 43
    1 x Kamora
    1 x Kapali
    1 x 1921 crema de tequila
    1 x ULLR Nordic Libation
    1 x crème de banana
    2 x crème de menthe
    1 x creme de cacao
    1 x blue curaçao
    1 x Razzmatazz
    1 x Godiva white chocolate liqueur
    2 x amaretto
    1 x plum schnapps
    1 x “Christmas schnapps”
    1 x Drambuie
    2 x Baileys nips (mint chocolate, caramel)
    1 x Malibu rum with coconut (
    1 x Baileys (1.75 liters, unopened)


    To get the ball rolling, I made what I’m calling a tiki pousse-café, with Kamora, crème de banana, blue curaçao, Malibu rum and a coconut milk float. It was…sweet. But pretty! Now, I turn it over to you.



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