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    My response to this New York Times article on eating rats (for art) at a gallery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, in summary:

    * News you can use! “The rats were shipped from a United States Department of Agriculture-approved West Coast processor that supplies pet owners with humanely killed, individually flash-frozen rodents, in classifications ranging from ‘jumbo’ to ‘fuzzy.’”

    * What is “ratpork”?

    * The guests, who paid a whopping $100 per person (and were, no surprise, “mostly friends” of the artist)–had to sign a liability waiver. Bu those rats are USDA certified! What gives?!

    * Who is this Yuri Hart? Someone give him a real kitchen. He’s earned it.

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    “Word on the Street,”  a food-themed downtown L.A. block party on November 20, comes to you via the Cornerstone Theater Company, and is the finale for their month-long “exploration of hunger.” The block party will feature food trucks and local restaurant fare, a communal dining table, and a video booth to share stories about hunger. Their five-year project “The Hunger Cycle” aims to bring attention to world hunger and food justice issues, via theatrical performances and other events. Upcoming “Hunger Cycle” projects include a spring 2012 residency at the Homegirl Cafe and a spring 2013 residency in a school cafeteria.

    Where: Downtown L.A.
    Traction Ave. between Hewitt & 3rd

    When: Sunday, November 20, 2011
    12pm – 4pm

    The event is FREE.


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    Sixpoint Craft Ales is holding an art and design competition on the theme of “Beer is Culture.” Submissions are uploaded to an album on their Facebook page, with Sixpoint’s “fans” voting on the winner. By way of explanation, Sixpoint notes:

    “What were the first crops cultivated by the earliest human societies?  In Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization, the earliest settlers grew barley and wheat.  Crude fermented beverages were produced.  The birth of human culture is synchronized with fermented cereal grains! Beer is Culture.”

    To enter, simply post your image to their Facebook page. Finalists will be announced May 7. The top 6 will receive a Sixpoint “care package” and membership to a museum of their choice. The winner’s image will become Sixpoint’s Facebook profile pic (last year’s winner is pictured here), and will be interviewed on their website.

    Enter by April 30, 2011!

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    Corin Hewitt (From Seed Stage)

    Corin Hewitt (From Seed Stage)

    The name and inspiration for this exhibition comes from a 1971 Joseph Beuys lithograph series, which (as I recall) is essentially a very long, typed shopping list with a big butter stain on it. Per the gallery website, “By interweaving gastronomy with aesthetics, Beuys … provides an apt and timely commentary on art as a disposable and consumable economy. The assembled works develop Beuys’ original thematic through various avenues, expanding on the idea of food both literally and abstractly.”

    Food For Thought includes work by Nobuyoshi Araki, Joseph Beuys, Nayland Blake, Leidy Churchman, R. Crumb, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Daphne Fitzpatrick, Corin Hewitt, Deva Graf, Dr. Lakra , Ed Ruscha and Jen Susman.

    What: Food For Thought, Curated by Sabrina Buell

    Where: Silverman Gallery

    804 Sutter St.

    San Francisco, CA

    When: Through August 31, 2010

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