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    Should you find yourself en route to Mammoth, Yosemite or the eastern Sierras for a long weekend of healthy, outdoorsy activities, might I suggest that, instead, you stop in Bishop, book a motel room, and stuff your face morning til night with croissants, baguettes, and flourless chocolate Sierra Mud cookies from the Great Basin Bakery. You may come home butter-soaked and chubby, instead of tanned and fit, but you will have reveled in the best croissants this side of Paris (must try: spinach and cheese, warmed up, with a mug of strong coffee), dense, perfectly chewy sourdough, and oh those dark, gooey Sierra Muds! Our Yosemite camping trip was markedly more deluxe thanks to our Great Basin treats–their mini-baguettes made for delightful cheese sandwiches, enlivened with red pepper charred over the campfire–and now, back in pastry-deficient Santa Monica, we long mournfully for those croissants. Is 267 miles too far to drive for breakfast?

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    Big congrats to Farmhouse Culture for winning this year’s Good Food Award in the Pickles category for their smoky-hot-zesty-fabulous Smoked Jalapeño Saurkraut. Santa Cruz-based Farmhouse Culture makes fantastic krauts from organic California produce, and the award is well-earned. Check out a Spooning recipe for a grilled cheddar cheese sandwich made with my top Farmhouse pick, the green apple kraut. If you want to play around with the award-winning Smoked Jalapeño kraut, try it on a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich, or on a hot dog (mmmm), or as they suggest, use it to to make some dang tangy nachos! Check out the complete list of Good Food Award winners here.


    Good Food Winner! – Farmhouse Culture.

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    Summer is my favorite food season. I know, I know–I just said that spring was my favorite. But I was just caught up in the lamb and peas and fava beans. I’ve also repeatedly claimed the fall as my favorite–all that squash, and pie!–and winter, since I love pot roast and potatoes. But in summer, we grow our own bounty chez moi, and there’s just nothing can beat that.

    One of our annual harvests is the olallieberry, which winds delicately around our patio and every year gives us just enough berries to top our cereal or desserts. (An almond-milk blancmange I recently concocted was a natural fit.) I was first introduced to olallieberries when I was a kid and spent summers in Santa Cruz. We made a pilgrimage most Julys to Phipps Farm in Pescadero, CA, where we ate and picked our way through the day, and then went home purple-faced to stuff our freezer full of berries for the year to come. Read on… »

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