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    On November 10, the holiday feasting season officially began (in my mind) with the Fourth Annual Casserole Party, which was created by Emily Farris, friend of Spooning and author of the brand-new cookbook Casserole Crazy. First place went to the creators of Caulifornication, a creamy cauliflower concoction; those lucky cooks got a turquoise Le Creuset pot, which is officially the most beautiful piece of cookware I’ve ever laid eyes on. Anyway, all that Pyrex and communal feasting made me realize that it’s time to get the folks together to eat and be merry. In that spirit, Spooning will be launching a new theme, Gather ‘Round, which will open with a terrific piece by Karen Dill about her first memories of Thanksgiving, celebrated with her rural mountain relatives. Moonshine and home-cured ham? Yes, please!

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    it was wednesday, april 11, when the great brooklyn cupcake battle went down…by the end, there was frosting everywhere, smeared on peoples faces and hands and the floor. and the crumbs! oh, the humanity!…seriously, though, i participated in a cupcake cookoff at the brooklyn kitchen in williamsburg, and it was one heated pastry battle…the judges had to eat about a thousand cupcakes (actually about 20, which probably feels like a thousand), and the audience was so hyped up on sugar that i think people were actually squealing by the end. it was FUN! and i WON (in my category)! click here for my  recipe, which is adaptation of a birthday cake that i made for my mom for about a decade. a friend was considering making lemon cupcakes using the same procedure (and schmancy lemon marmalade), and i think that’s an excellent idea…

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