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    Print is so yesterday–literally, because TODAY my e-cookbook Bring Your Lunch! comes out from Workman Publishing! Download it to your tablet here or anywhere e-books are sold. This book has been percolating in my mind since I moved to New York in 2002 and, as a worker bee editing cookbooks at HarperCollins, saw a profound need for a comprehensive lunch cookbook and guide to brown-bagging. Now, finally, I offer you more than 60 recipes for everything from soups to snacks, plus lunch staples like dressings and sandwich spreads, a complete chapter on the all-important mess kit, and helpful hints galore. Download now, and revolutionize your lunch!

    To tempt you even further, here’s a glimpse of just a few of the recipes on offer–all for a mere $4.99! Read on… »

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    The second winning recipe for the Spooning Can-It-Forward Day recipe contest (with generous prizes courtesy of Ball) comes from Ann Forsthoefel, also of Portland, Oregon. (What can I say, the locals deliver!) She will be enjoying a bounty of Ball Heritage Collection Spring Green Mason jars, herb savers, pectin, and more for all her future canning endeavors (from what I hear, she has many such endeavors!)—and we will be enjoying her Tarragon Pickled Beets. As the directions below indicate, these can be processed in a hot water bath to be shelf stable, but Ann prefers to make them refrigerator pickles “because it keeps the beets so crisp.”

    Tarragon Beets

    Makes 3 pints Read on… »

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    20140410-090211.jpgFor coffee addicts like me who haven’t graduated to café negro, it’s the worst to realize late at night that you’ve run out of milk for the morning. Such was my situation last night, and I resolved that I’d have to just stir some ice cream into my coffee this morning (uh…darn). But then I recalled an interview with Dr. Andrew Weil that I’d recently heard on The Splendid Table, about milk alternatives, in which he says he favors cashew milk, made at home “in minutes.” I happened to have a cup of raw cashews in the cupboard, which I set to soaking. This morning, I simply blended the rinsed, drained cashews with 4 cups water, a pinch of salt and some vanilla, then strained it through very fine mesh into a pitcher. It really did take minutes, aside from the overnight soak (an important step as it leaches out any tannins and makes the protein and nutrients more accessible to our bodies). It doesn’t separate in my coffee like almond milk, and has a natural sweetness akin to milk. If you like a sweet creamer, it’s easy to tweak with agave or sugar. When I win the lottery, I’m going to try macadamia milk. But cashew is today’s hero.

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    From time to time, I feel like it’s my duty to remind everyone to pickle things! Now that winter is coming on, pickle-friendly veggies are taking center stage, and there’s nothing like a zingy bite of something sour to spark up cold-weather dishes like roast meats and stews. It doesn’t take much–maybe a quick cook to soften, and then a nice long soak in a flavorful brine. No need to do any fancy canning, just a clean jar and a fridge. The glorious pink pile you see here is a batch of watermelon radishes, thinly sliced and soaked in lemon juice, white balsamic, salt, sugar, and zest. It took but a moment and brought days of happy snacking. (This system works beautifully for daikon as well. But remember, pickled radishes of any stripe are stanky.) So as the beets, carrots, radishes, cabbages, garlic, turnips, and brussels sprouts pile up around you this fall and winter–please, remember to pickle.

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