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    Calvin Trillin doesn’t just write about food–he has focused his satirical writings on everything from the Underwear Bomber to second-hand clothing in Nova Scotia. But he is widely loved for his food writing–three of his celebrated socio-culinary books were collected in 1994’s Tummy Trilogy and his food humor  continues to be a source of joy in The New Yorker, among other rags.

    At this event, part of Los Angeles’ Writers Bloc series, Trillin will be joined by SNL alum and Weeds actor Kevin Nealon. (Be forewarned: Jokes about munchies are sure to be in ample supply.)

    When: Wednesday, September 21, 2011
    7:30 PM

    Where: The Writers Guild Theater
    135 South Doheny Drive, Beverly Hills

    Tickets are $20, cash or check only. Go here to RSVP.

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    The biennial Slow Food Italy Cheese summit is back the Piedmont, for its 8th edition. Everyone from shepherds to ultra-small-scale cheese producers to chefs from all over descend on the town of Bra to talk dairy products. This year’s summit will focus on encouraging young people to become artisanal cheese makers–Bra will be renaming one of its piazzas the Piazza della Resistenza Casearia, the “Cheese Resistance Piazza,” to get young cheese revolutionaries excited–and, less  stirringly, on the issue of proper labeling. (Every revolution has its bureaucrats…) For attendees, there are “Milk Workshops” on topics like “Evolving Trends in Cheese Consumption” and “Counterfeit Cheese,” a master class on mozzarella, and 13 “Dinner Dates” in nearby villas and wineries.

    When: September 16 to 19, 2011

    Where: Bra, Italy

    Visit the Cheese 2011 website for event information and to book online. (Workshops range from 15 to 40 euros, Dinner Dates from 45 to 90 euros, and the mozzarella class is 35 euros.)

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    To celebrate Ball’s national day of canning awareness–August 13, now and forever to be known as Can-It-Forward day–Spooning is offering up one adorable Home Canning Discovery Kit, courtesy of Ball, to the reader who submits the BEST canning recipe. The judging will be entirely subjective and unscientific, and will be based on creativity, practicality, and tasty-sounding-ness. The winning recipe will also be published on Spooning. So can it forward and submit your recipes! Then raise a jar and join the nation on August 13 in raising awareness about this all-American pastime! You will be happy to did come winter…

    Recipes must be received by August 10. Winner will be announced August 13. Send your canning recipes to submit@spooningmag.com.

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    Fashion and food are a conflicted pair. On the one hand, food is fashionable–the right restaurant or bottled water as required an accessory as a fedora or platform sandals. On the other, eating is not. But one Sunday a month, at Chicago’s River East Art Center, food and fashion live together in perfect harmony. At Dose Market–curated by an attractive quartet of editors (or “dosettes”) from Tasting Table, Daily Candy, Time Out and Haute Closet–vendors form a sort of sybaritic U.N. where truffles, ice cream, caramels, cheese, and soppressata sit across from vintage bathing suits, skinny ties, and minidresses, and peace prevails.

    When: July 10, August 14, September 25, October 16, November 6, and December 4
    10 a.m. to 4 p.m

    Where: 435 East Illinois St., Chicago, IL

    Tickets are $10 at the door, $8 in advance, or $30 for admission to the next 6 markets.

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