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    Squirrels are back in the news! More specifically, Steve Rinella’s delicious lemon-thyme-marinated grilled squirrel. Steve wrote a meditation on hunting squirrels the old fashioned way–with a shotgun–for Spooning in ’08, and in today’s New York Post, he tells us what the landscape for urban squirrel-eaters looks like in 2012. If the grilled squirrel piques your interest–and oh but it should!–check out my Spooning Test Kitchen piece, featuring Steve’s complete recipe, with step-by-step photos.

    Steve’s new memoir, Meat Eater, drops on September 4. Anthony Bourdain blurbs, “It’s a look both backward, at the way things used to be, and forward, to a time when every diner truly understands what’s on the end of the fork.” Here’s to squirrels past, present, and future!

    Urban chow-boy – NYPOST.com.

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    In her recent appearance on Rachel Ray’s show, Michelle Obama revealed that she, and not Mr. President, does the grilling in her family. I hope this inspires young girls across the nation to pick up that long pokey thing, crank up the gas, grab a beer, and stay chained to that BBQ until everyone’s fed! In the meantime, though, anecdotal evidence suggests that the task of grilling is still usually allocated to the most dad-like attendee of any given cook-out. Even in the most gender-enlightened crowd, the menfolk seem to step in to handle the raw meat and fire. (This regression is totally fine by me–I find grilling sweaty work, and I’m always paranoid about undercooking meat and sending everyone to the ER.) That is all to say–why not buy your dad this awesome mid-century grill set from the Spooning Shop? It includes these ingenious salt and pepper shakers on long handles, and is in its original box! The hip grillmaster in your life will love it. And maybe cook you a steak.

    Mr Bartender 4Piece Barbecue Set in Original Box by SpooningShop.

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    After his intriguing appearance on the Colbert Report in 2008, I invited David Gracer, entomophagy (insect eating) advocate, to write up his manifesto for Spooning. That piece is worth a gander, as is this new video from The Perennial Plate series, featuring Gracer and chef Daniel Klein hunting and cooking up some edible insects. (And no, I have no idea either why they used “Tried by 12,” Spencer Bellamy’s hip-hop ballad about inner city violence, as the soundtrack for harvesting katydids with butterfly nets…)

    The Perennial Plate Episode 78: Eating Insects from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

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    Meatpaper is a San Francisco-based magazine that covers “news and views from the fleischgeist.” The current issue features everything from the story behind Lady Gaga’s meat dress to meaty cameos in art, cinema, and poetry.

    For an upcoming issue focusing on “Meat Epiphanies,” they have issued a call for essays. “Is there a particular moment you can pinpoint in which your worldview was changed based on a realization about meat? Did a dish of meat ever change a long-held position?”

    Essays must be 300 words or less and submitted by April 5, 2011.

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