• Posted by Kyle Forester on September 22nd, 2008, 3:39 PM

    Photos by Califia Suntree.

    I should start by emphasizing that I am not an expert on kombucha. I have been drinking it pretty regularly for a couple of years, and for the last six months or so have had two big Mason jars in my kitchen filled with the stuff. Every week to ten days, I harvest six bottles worth out of those jars and start brewing (“brewing”? “growing”? “cultivating”?) another batch.

    The first time I encountered kombucha must have been sometime in 2005, when I saw my friend Kevin with a bottle of “G.T. Dave’s Kombucha.” I asked Kevin what he was drinking, to which he replied, “It’s, like, a LIVING CULTURE, man! After you open the bottle, you gotta drink it within, like, TWO HOURS…or it could become LETHAL!” Read on… »

  • Posted by Eric Tucker on May 26th, 2008, 3:23 PM

    Chanterelles have hints of hazelnut in their flavor profile so this is a natural combination. The mushroom syrup is made by reducing the liquid that comes off the chanterelles as you dry sauté them (ie. sauté them in a tiny bit of olive oil). Don’t worry if you don’t have any, it just amplifies the chanterelle essence. Read on… »

  • Posted by Eric Tucker on May 26th, 2008, 3:17 PM

    Photo by Jenn Accettola

    High-fat cashew cream carries the flavor of the mushrooms throughout the dish, making for one rich gratin. For a quick mushroom stock, take some packaged veg stock and simmer it with two tablespoons of dried porcini. Read on… »

  • Posted by Eric Tucker on May 26th, 2008, 3:03 PM

    This one is a no-brainer. I’m not going to give you a specific recipe, just some suggestions. Make your favorite pizza crust recipe. If you don’t have a favorite I suggest getting your self a copy of Peter Reinhart’s book American Pie. Stick to a white pizza, without tomato sauce, which is too acidic to pair with chanterelles. Invest in a pizza stone and peel, or just use an inverted sheet pan. Fire up your oven to as close to the center of the sun it will get (500-550 degrees for most home ovens). Line up your mise en place (all the stuff you want on your pizzas) within arm’s reach, and go to town. Read on… »

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