• Posted by Califia Suntree on July 13th, 2011, 11:38 AM

    Q: I want to be able to sauté and make omelettes without a ton of oil or fat, and without food welding to the pan. Are nonstick pans really that bad? What are my options here?

    It’s pretty much undisputed that those black, shiny nonstick pans really “work”–you can fry an egg without any grease at all, and food glides off of them with unnerving ease. But being able to “fry” without oil is inherently creepy, and defies the essential science of cooking (frying = high heat + grease). That alone seems reason enough to avoid polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, or “Teflon” when it’s made by DuPont). PTFE is essentially a super-duper high-powered lubricant, used on on things like gears and guns. Among many other chemical compounds, nonstick coatings also contain perfluorochemicals (PFCs), which is also used on pizza boxes and all manner of food packaging. (Because PFCs basically mimic fatty acids and lipds, the EPA reports that PFCs can effect cholesterol and triglyceride levels. So not only are those potato chips giving you high cholesterol, the bag might be, too!) Read on… »

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    Happy spring! To celebrate, pick up these cheery, colorful melamine confetti bowls by Zak Designs. Inspired by vintage Melmac, the bowls are ready for picnics and potlucks, and seem especially right for Easter: one for a pile of colorful eggs, one for Peeps, one for chocolates, and the big one for hot cross buns.

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    Q: I just moved into a studio, and I need to get a knife. (Of all the kitchen things on which I was, it turns out, totally reliant on my rooommates, that is the only one that I kind of can’t even cook without.) Any recommendations? Say a girl were to want two to three knives, which ones should she get, and what brands? –L.K., Seattle

    On the one hand, this is a really easy question to answer. On the other, it’s impossible to answer fully because knife needs and requirements vary and knife shopping is as personal as shopping for jeans: a knife’s gotta fit right, look good, and suit your lifestyle. Read on… »

  • Posted by Califia Suntree on August 9th, 2010, 9:20 AM

    Now through August 20th, my friends at Unison are offering their fabulous table linens, aprons, pot holders & cocktail napkins at 20% off. Stock up while the prices are August hot!

    Just use the promo code Table20.

    Some of my favorites: The “Juniper” apron (seen here).  “Static” potholders in magenta. “Porter” table runner in moss. And anything made out of “Lush Turquoise“!

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